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Chris Davis tore a callus on his hand


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Not this year he doesn't.



Comerica Park- 1.140

OPACY- .987

I'm not sure I'm willing to let ~45 games of data convince me that 3 years of data is wrong.


Oh. I thought you were one of those "Trout" guys.

I was one of those Trout guys. Even so, Cabrera was still the better hitter.

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Everyone is laughing and making jokes, but what if the soreness from the torn callus makes Davis hold his bat just a little differently, which alters his swing enough that the contact point on the sweet spot of the bat is maybe 1/2" higher or lower than before. That would mean HR's and line drives would turn into pop-ups and ground balls. Some very subtle differences can cause big changes in any sport.

I'm not freaking out about it, but I'm not as dismissive as everyone else either.

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didnt he say, he gets them every year?

He did, but what he didn't say is what his performance was when he got them. I would expect he'd downplay it, but I'm inherently cynical when athletes talk. lol

I'm sure he'll be fine, but let's see what he does out of the break.

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The callus tore on his right hand in the 2nd round of the HR Derby. In the 1st round he knocked 8 HR's; in the 2nd round he got 4 HR's. He said he uses a bandage and padded batting gloves to help deal with them. Time will tell. 2 days off may help.

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