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Chris Davis tore a callus on his hand


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Tore a callus in his hand. Hope it's not too serious.

Thatnks for the thread and the info.

I noticed that, as did some other posters.

Fortunately, we don't play again until Friday, so he'll have the next few days off.

Perhaps over the next few days, he can use some of that stuff that boxers use to coagulate their bleeding during fights ...... or something like that.

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Corticosteroids can be used to treat hemorrhoids. Anabolic steroids, not so much.

Well yea, I assumed it wouldn't be anabolic steroids. Just thinking about the flying off the rails we would hear if he were prescribed steroids for a condition. Thanks for the specific info, though.

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Everyone is laughing and making jokes, but what if the soreness from the torn callus makes Davis hold his bat just a little differently, which alters his swing enough that the contact point on the sweet spot of the bat is maybe 1/2" higher or lower than before. That would mean HR's and line drives would turn into pop-ups and ground balls. Some very subtle differences can cause big changes in any sport.

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Chris Davis said that he is not concerned about a blister that burst on his right palm during Monday's Home Run Derby.

Davis said that he deals with the blister every year, and just has to switch to different batting gloves.

Davis may have been affected by the broken callus, but said it won't be an issue whatsoever to start the second half of the season. In fact, he said he usually wears padded batting gloves and switched to them mid-round when he was visited by Adam Jones. He will not miss Tuesday's All-Star Game, in which he's starting and batting cleanup.



Dan Connolly @danconnollysun

Davis said a blister in his right palm burst. He has it every year. No concern. He usually uses passes batting gloves. Switched to those.


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You guys act like its no biggie but if it adversely affects him AT ALL, this really does suck.

Blister problems can stick around for a while.

I wonder if he plays tomorrow or if buck asks leyland to sit him?

Blister issues are a far bigger deal for pitchers than hitters.

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Of course but the last thing we want right now is Davis distracted of less than 100% in any way shape of form.

I also didnt enjoy seeing him hack at pitch after pitch without taking anything. I know the timing things been debunked, but still, it just makes you cringe a little, especially with the blister thing.

I guess I'm just a worrier...... That's why they call me whiskers.

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