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April 23rd at Seattle


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Oh, stop. He's goofed up too much, but it's silly to say he does more wrong than right.

As for the tag at 2nd, jeez people... Ichiro's foot hit his glove at the same time the ball got there. If the same thing happened to BRob, people would say Ichiro was cheating, or Ramon was throwing the ball wrong, or something ;-)

You stop. You can be a Luis apologist if you want. And if you want to take me literal you can. But you know what i'm saying. He sucks, and i'm sick of people acting like he brings value to this team in some way shape or form when he does not at all.

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Yep, the bottom of the 1st will be very indicative. If DCab doesn't get the same latitude with the strike zone, it's going to be a long night.

FWIW, Runge's numbers as a plate ump:

2008 -- 7.75 rpg, 2 "overs" and 2 "unders" (i.e. 2 games that went over the established betting total, 2 that went under)

2007 -- 9.92 rpg, 19 overs, 15 unders

2006 -- 9.67 rpg, 15 overs, 14 unders

2005 -- 5.75 rpg, 2 overs, 5 unders

2004 -- 8.16 rpg, 11 overs, 20 unders

2003 -- 10.88 rpg, 21 overs, 12 unders

2002 -- 8.48 rpg, 15 overs, 14 unders

2001 -- 9.10 rpg, 6 overs, 13 unders

2000 -- 9.59 rpg, 15 overs, 17 unders

1999 -- 8.82 rpg, 7 overs, 9 undres

So the guy has been all over the map. There have been a few seasons where he has been a pretty significant "pitchers' umpire". But other years, not so much.

None of that is statistically significant. That's like saying Luis Hernandez is a natural .290 hitter based on last year's performance. Random fluctuations...

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So, I've been up and down and distracted... I know the strike zone is big... but is it big everywhere? Or is it bigger some places than others?

Up to the shoulders sometimes and about 4-5 inches off either corner, but only down to the knees.

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