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April 23rd at Seattle


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You stop. You can be a Luis apologist if you want. And if you want to take me literal you can. But you know what i'm saying. He sucks, and i'm sick of people acting like he brings value to this team in some way shape or form when he does not at all.

I said he's goofed up too much... so I guess putting it on him makes me an apologist ;-)

Look, the very same people who were dissing him last year despite his brilliant D, and were doing it because of the "small sample size" are now saying he's lousy based on a sample size about *half* of last year's. So, if the sample size last year was too small, how can you trust the much tinier one so far this year? That's just beating up on the guy.

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None of that is statistically significant. That's like saying Luis Hernandez is a natural .290 hitter based on last year's performance. Random fluctuations...

I would disagree....I would say that 240 games is a pretty reasonable ized statistical sample...and *IF* Runge's stats showed consistency over 240 games (like John Hirshbeck's do as a pitcher-friendly ump, or like Ed Montague's do as a hitter-friendly ump), I would say there would be significance to them.

But the fact is that Runge's stats are all over the place with no consistency so yes, I would say there is no conclusion you can draw from them. I examined them to see if he did have a large sample of games with a consistent tilt towards overs or unders...and found he did not.

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