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Snell to the Giants


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I would have loved to have Snell at that rate, but I'm not mad the Orioles didn't go there. The only way it's $62M is if Snell gets seriously injured that impacts Year 2 or he bombs. So at the worst, it's $62M for very little return. Otherwise, it's a one year deal for a bit over $30M and if he pitches like he did last year it's well worth it. 

Snell's 99 BBs last year are concerning to me. His stuff was so hard to hit that it worked, but the BABIP go up so does his performance. He was FIP in 2019 was better than 2023 despite a 4.29 ERA vs. 2.25 ERA. I think the possible swing for someone like Snell is either Cy Young level dominant at the top end, but he could realistically be a slightly above average pitcher even if he's healthy. He's a bit of an enigma, but an enigma with electric stuff. 

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