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Willie Mays

Moose Milligan

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Just tuned in on MLBN for the last 30 mins of a 2 hour interview by Costas with Willie Mays. Classic stuff. Has anyone seen the whole thing?

I also want to pick up the new bio...has anyone read it yet?

I was lucky enough to see the whole thing a couple nights back, it is my favorite Studio 42 interview so far. Willie is still awesome.

I haven't picked up the bio yet, but I think I have to now.


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Growing up in NY, Mays was my early idol. He did it all with panache as I've stated previously (post #3 below). IMO, he outdid Mantle due to his longevity and flair.


I took a glance at the bio the other day and read a part dealing with the Marichal/Roseboro bat incident. Mays took a bleeding Roseboro into the dugout after the attack by Marichal and tended to him. Awesome story!


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I'd have Mays over Williams, but I guess the time they both missed due to war is the x factor in that debate.

Bonds would have likely been at least close to Mays without the steroids. He ended up with a WAR advantage near 17, maybe take away about 20 due to steroids.

Guessing Mays took greenies as well, so lets not act like him and everyone who played before 1990 or whatever is innocent.

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Guessing Mays took greenies as well, so lets not act like him and everyone who played before 1990 or whatever is innocent.

Let's not derail this acting like using greenies was some big crime or anything like roids, or that there is some arbitrary purity threshold. Personally, I wish they'd let them use them again... especially in August and September...

If there's anything Mays wasn't great at, I'd like to know what it was...

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