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MD-VT Game delayed, to start at 6:30


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Thankfully only down 6...hopefully they dont nap in the second half but the refs are allowing the Hokies to be physical at will, I find it twice that Ive said that. :mad:

It's interesting. When we (VT) has a loosely called game, everyone says it's somehow to our advantage because the refs are letting us be phyical. But when it's the opposite type game, everyone complains because they say Malcolm Delaney gets all these cheap fouls on flops.

All I will say is that I think it's a been a very fairly called game.

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I have no idea what he is talking about. The only thing I can even think of is he is pissed when the VT fans were screaming USA when Vasquez was taking free throws. I am a MD alum but even I thought that was kind of funny. I don't understand the goofy "racist" comment.

NC State chanted this the other day too. It's pretty uncalled for IMO.

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What are you like 12? Your comments in game are always pretty ridiculous. If you can't stay rational during the game, I understand. It is quite a ride. But I'd resist the urge to post the craziness lest we ridicule you.

BTW, I'm rooting for MD here.

BTW2, purple isn't one of the colors of VT. If you're going to spout inane conspiracy theories, at least make the things you can fact check correct.

Lol! Yeah it seems like a very fairly called game to me as well. I think in reading some of this guys posts in the past you can see his attention to detail is a little lacking:) I think MD is the better team out of the 2 but Vatech has some real nice players.

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