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Bedard contract extension?

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Ok guys, what is the most you would give Bedard for an extension.

Again, remember that he has 2 remaining years left in arbitration.

Using Zambrano(again) as an example....Big Z earned 3.76 million in the same arbitration year Bedard just earned 3.4 million.

The next year(which would be this year for Bedard), Z earned 6.5 million.

Z also had a better track record...So, for the sake of argument, let's say Bedard gets around 6 million for this year.

Zambrano then saw his arb figure double to 12.4 million the next year(this past season).

So, let's say best case scenario for Erik is 12 million for 2009.

So, that puts the best case scenario for Bedard, in terms of what he will earn in 2008 and 2009, at about 18 million dollars.

So, when factoring in this contract, figure the first 2 years to be 18 million...AT MOST.

How much do you go with that in mind?

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2008 - $7.5M

2009 - $13.5M

2010 - $18M

2011 - $18M

2012 - $18M

That's 5/$75M guaranteed. That is the absolute max I would go, although I think trading him would be smarter than signing him to that type of deal.

Ideally, I think he signs for something like:

2008 - $6.5M

2009 - $11.5M

2010 - $15M

2011 - $18M

2012 - $19M or $1M buyout.

That's 4/$52M or 5/$70M. I think that's fair for both sides.

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5 years/$60 million

I am totally against 5 years and I think bedard says no to this.

As of right now, Erik has to think he can get 18 million a year in FA...If that is the case and he signs for 5 years, i would think 5/70 is the type of offer he would want.

The other thing is, when considering offering 5 years, is to consider the fact that he is eating 3 years of FA, not 2.

So, for him to do that, he would probably have to get more than what you are saying here.

For the record, i go no more than 4 years and no more than 56 million and even that is a stretch.

The Orioles deserve some kind of discount if they are going to take on the risk.

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5/75 with an option and incentives

Maybe include some type of "out" clause, with some type of option out for Bedard that is the team doesn't "improve" in 2 out of the first three years, he can opt out. Defining improvement could be something like more wins or higher in the standings. Anything that could show him the team was serious about really improving, kind of putting the money where the mouth is.

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If you want something that Bedard will take seriously, it'd be $18M combined for the next two years, then $18M per year thereafter. 4/54 or 5/72.

I'd suggest perhaps throwing in a player void option to keep the dollars down. Those seem pretty popular these days. Imagine:

08: 7M

09: 10M

10: 13M

(player can void final 2 years)

11: 16M

12: 18M

5/64 total, if the void option is not exercised. 3/30 if Bedard wants to bolt.

O's keep their exposure down relative to a straight 18M/yr extension.

Bedard gets some flexibility to see where the org is headed, where the FA market is headed, and how well he's pitching in 3 years.

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I hate player-void options. Those give way too much power to the player. I'm a much bigger fan of a single option year for a player or team or perhaps a mutual option where Bedard could pick it up for like $15M or we could pick it up for $20M.

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