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Shortest O's books ever written, 2011 version

Moose Milligan

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Bunting Fundamentals by Robert Andino

Shall I Compare Thee to Spring Training... by Jake Fox

Ball Four by Vladimir Guererro

How to Avoid Whiplash The Orioles Bullpen

Fielding Fundamentals by Mark Reynolds with a Foreward by his mentor Steve Sax

Baserunning Fundamentals by Felix Pie with a Foreward by his mentor Jack Cust

Playing Time by Ryan Adams

Beach Body by Vladimir Guererro with a Foreward by his personal trainer Jim Traber

Iron Man by Brian Roberts

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Barack for Prez by Luke Scott

How to Finish Strong by Mark Connor

Overachiever by Billy Rowell

Managing the Earls by Rick Dempsey

Power Stroke by Nick Markakis

How to be Awesome by The Guy in the Left Field Corner Saturday Night Who Got Smacked by His Girlfriend in Front of Everyone

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