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Dollars to donuts: Esposito is going to be on a lot more nationally recognized top 10 lists for the Orioles than Johnson, if Johnson makes one at all (not likely). It's not just my list. You can think what you want about that.

I'd be shocked of any national list had Esposito on the O's Top 10. If they do, they have no clue about the O's system (like when Pelzer was Top 10).

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These lists are always fun and I find myself always playing around with them. Some thoughts on some guys who might be on the edge of a top ten or maybe even in it who aren't listed here.

1. Devin Jones - Reportedly a hard thrower (touching 94-95) in short stints, putting up a very solid second half as a starter at Frederick. Just turned 22 in July.

2. Adrian Marin - Our third round pick this year is more than holding his own in the GCL with a low error total to boot.

3. Roderick Bernadina - the just turned 20 OF was having an underwhelming season at Aberdeen but is really finishing the season well in Delmarava (.338 AVG in 80 AB's) He was voted a top 20 prospect in the GCL last year)

4. Michael Ohlman - He seems to have transformed himself into a prospect after a serious car accident and drug suspension delayed his season. Albeit in 150 AB's and only 10 games defensively, the catcher is hitting, showing excellent plate discpline, and even improved defense (no passed balls and 5 of 16 runners caught).

My Revised Top Ten with Machado off the list now that he's in the majors

1. Dylan Bundy (looks like the real deal so far)

2. Kevin Gausman (Will get a better read next year)

3. Jonathan Schoop (solid AA campaign for a 20 yo cut still slightly disappointing)

4. L.J. Hoes (solid 2nd half in AAA at age 22. Still needs more power to become blue chip)

5. Nick Delmonico (peer pressure and the hope that he breaks out next year. Decent power and PD)

6. Devin Jones (Reportedly hard thrower putting up good numbers at Frederick as a starter)

7. Mike Wright (Very good at High A. Improving at AA. Could be a MOR starter)

8. Xavier Avery (The ENIGMA. Great, then terrible. Potential offensive disrupter. Disappointing average and SB numbers)

9. Adrian Marin (solid in rookie ball and low error totals. Good chance to start at Delmarva next year)

10. Parker Bridwell (The 2nd ENIGMA. Power arm, projectible body. Poor results)

11. Brandon Kline (Based on draft position. Better read next year)

12. Roderick Bernadina (just turned 20 and finishing strong in Delmarva. Shows some offensive potential)

13. Eduardo Rodriguez (solid, young, but without power stuff)

14. Glynn Davis (Young with great speed, but no power and without great SB numbers)

15. Christian Walker (not sure why he's here, but I think he'll hit his way up the ladder)

16. Michael Ohlman (looks like the car accident/suspension could have been a turning point)

17. Josh Hader (Reports are strong on his stuff. Not sure if delivery makes him a reliever but said same thing about Chris Sale)

18. Bennett Parry (Interesting sleeper prospect. Some high upside for this tall lefty. Needs to gain 2-3 mph on fastball though)

19. Hector Veloz (only 18 in GCL. Could go either way. Shows power but next year should tell the story)

20. Tyler Kelly (organizational guy or prospect? Starting to hit at Bowie like he did at Frederick)

21. Zach Davies (young and knows how to pitch but ordinary stuff limits his upside)

22. Lex Rutledge (high upside, big arm, but command issues)


I think Rodriguez makes the top 10. It is not a bad group of prospects in the 11-20 range. Not a lot of experience there, though. By the way, Veloz is in Aberdeen now.

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