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Red Sox Place Adrian Gonzalez On Trade Waivers


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Steve Berthiaume ‏@SBerthiaumeESPN

#RedSox #Dodgers from @alexspeier: Punto and Gonzalez were both summoned into clubhouse from dugout

Wow, the Red Sox are sending a message to all of their players to never question management.

Adrian Gonzalez has officially been scratched from Friday's lineup.With James Loney getting scratched from the Dodgers lineup just moments earlier, it's very clear that something major is about to go down. It's looking like there's a very strong possibility that Gonzalez has played his last game as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Stay tuned. Aug 24 - 7:05 PMSource: Mike Silverman on Twitter


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This is pretty crazy.

The Red Sox are in a big time tailspin.

I can't help but admit that I'm tickled pink about everything since we knocked them out last year.

I hope they don't get out of the Crawford deal, eventually getting out of bad deals will make them a better team in the long run. I agree though, watching them crash and burn is fun.

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I don't know if this deal makes the Red Sox better or not, but obviously Boston does. Why wouldn't the O's put a claim in on AGON or Beckett just to make the Sox pull them back off waivers? Why did the rest of the AL East allow these guys to clear? It just baffles me that you would allow a competitor to better themselves when you can stop it.

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