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I think they hit Andino on purpose.


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Watch the replay. Watch the catcher. He was up and prepared to chase Andino right away. It wasn't a "hey, you alright man" reaction. It was an "I'm ready to catch you" reaction.

That's what I saw anyway. Agree?

Absolutely. It hit his neck. Richie was concerned about a bleed.

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That **** was intentional.

Good god the Red Sox are not only dumb as **** as an organization, but as a team. They had a tiny chance to play spoiler in the coming weeks, but you hit Mr. Red Sox Killer of 2011 in the ****ing NECK?! The catcher just shrugs it off.

You just multiplied the hate of a decade and a half that beat you last year by about 1000.

edit: I'm intoxicated, not sure if it was intentional, but I hate the red sox and they are dumb, etc.

Dino came out looking like a badass.

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Bunch of babies up there on the sux. Just because Andino crushed their playoff dreams last year, and was so happy about it.

Also, tonight he was on base all 3 times (2 hits and a walk.)

If nothing else, the timing is obviously very suspect.

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The O's won't retaliate tomorrow. It is not the time to risk suspensions or injuries.

More importantly...we don't have anything to prove to them. They suck. They're not worth it. They're worthless pieces of garbage that don't deserve the honor of being drilled. They can try to make themselves relevant by playing the game like gutless ******, but we shouldn't validate them. It's beneath us to even show them that much respect.

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