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So who do the Yankees get now that Arod will miss part of 2013 ?


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You have been seeing it. Why do you think they went 1/16 for Kuroda? Why did they let Martin walk?

What deals extending into 2014 have they been signing?

If they get anyone it will be a one year deal.

Indeed. Cashman is serious about lowering payroll and being smart with his money. He knows the Cano contract is coming up as well and well need some space for that. If the yankees can be somewhat smart with their money it will go a lot further.

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It's unfortunate that they will just eat the contract and ship him to the Marlins.

It is scary how broken baseball economics are that ARod to Marlins makes way to much sense from every aspect that isn't fan related.

If I am Brian Cashman, I am trading Arod, Bentices, and $118M to Miami for Greg Dobbs. The $1M the Marlins owe Dobbs would be a wash with the $1M owed to ARod. Miami would take the "cap" hit but with their payroll so low it is negligible. I would wonder where Bud Selig would fall on this,

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