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Punk move


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Hardly a punk move. Over-aggressive, yes. But we don't have all the facts, but we did see that Hunter was throwing very hittable balls in the 9th. And until he officially "isn't," JJ remains the closer. That's his job. I personally think the over-specialization of pitchers is a bit much, but that's how it works in today's game. Hunter was slipping, the Rangers (by the way, a dangerous offensive team, let's not forget that...they're quite capable of a comeback like that) were building momentum...that's a situation where going to your closer isn't a punk move. If it were Tillman, one out away from a complete game, and the situation were the same...that'd be closer to a punk move, though still understandable as he would be showing signs of being gassed.

And hey, it's not his fault he only needed one pitch to close it.

Seriously, you can't win around here...how often to do we get annoyed with Buck for sticking with a pitcher at least one batter too long? And when he doesn't, it's a punk move?

Buck had a heart to heart talk with Jimbo before the Yankee game. The one he closed out. Buck is not the type to make any promises. Want to stay as closer? Pitch Better. He has.

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Buck mentioned after the last Texas game there was a reliever that was unavailable due to sickness. My initial guess, based on who pitched in the game, was Hunter.

Maybe this was part of it. Maybe Buck wanted to keep Hunter available for tonight. Who knows, but I can assure you Buck knows better than any of us.

This is one of the most absurd things I've read on here.

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...to pull your best reliever of the season, when he gives up a couple runs in a ballgame well in hand, with one out left, for the guy who has had every opportunity and blown it.

I understand Buck being loyal to his guys (JJ), sometimes to a fault...but thats pretty disrespectful to your best guy, to not trust him for one more out there, just because theres an opportunity to pad Jims stats. Tommy being pissed is justified.

Also, pretty obvious in the first pitch of that at bat to Lind, that he needed a changeup in there somewhere. That stuff happens, but Tommy or Matt need to read that swing.

Great game, but Buck, comeon man...whats your deal with Jim?

Yep, that double down the line was on a 96 mph fastball three inches inside...no way he should be able to get the barrel of the bat on it unless he's jacked for it...thought at the time these guys have timed Hunter and boy would a change up look nice about now. That's on Wieters. Ya gotta see that.

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I feel like the look on his face pretty well told the world that he was pissed. Maybe i misread it, but i dont think so.

Wouldnt you be pissed if youve lit everyone up all year, have a rough patch with one out to go, only to be pulled for the guy that gets handed the cake money-making opportunities relentlessly, regardless of how much he continues to bomb it. Ever had a job like that? Im sure most of us have.

I suppose him staring intently could be read as him being pissed. It's a pretty big leap to automatically assume he was pissed because Buck removed him from the game, rather than because he couldn't get the last out.

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Everyone Saying JJ gave us the best chance to win. Remember, Rasmus is up, and Patton is just as fresh as JJ.

You cant tell me Jim against a lefty is a better matchup than Patton. And thats not even factoring his horrific year. If i were Hunter, I understand if he brings in Patton....I feel utterly disrespected and unnappreciated if he brings in johnson. Just my two cents.

And everyone saying that loyalty will bode well for Jim...well, what is this lack of trust going to do to Tommy? Either these guys are professionsals and it wont affect either, or it helps Johnson and hurts Tommy. Buck is being a little obsessive with this save stuff. Almost wonder if he made Jim a promise in order to grease the wheels when he shut down his chances of ever being a starter.

Well...JJ is better against lefties than Patton, so I think I'd rather have Johnson in there.

Now...if Matusz hadn't been used already, that'd be a different story.

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