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Markakis 4/48m or Rios 1/8.5m?


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MLBTR has a writeup on Alex Rios. He had a bad year. He will be 34 next year. He is one season removed from 278/324/432/756. Which in not that much different from Markakis. Both are rightfielders. Range is similar.

Nick is an Oriole through and through. He might win a Gold Glove this year. But there is risk in a 4 year contract.



What say you?

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Did you see this on the front page for the OH?

Chris Cotillo of MLBDailyDish.com reports that there has been "no substantial progress" made in extension talks between the Orioles and impending free agent Nick Markakis.

The common thought has been that Markakis is likely to stay in Baltimore, but it appears the two sides have some significant ground to make up. It's not clear what kind of figures are currently being exchanged between the two parties. Markakis will officially become a free agent five days after the World Series ends, at which point he'll be able to negotiate with any club.

Source: Chris Cotillo on Twitter Oct. 24 - 2:06 pm et

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From the MLBTR article:

Throughout his career, Markakis has consistently gotten on base at a strong clip. A lifetime .290/.358/.435 hitter, Markakis has never posted a single-season OBP lower than .329, and he’s never batted below .271, either.
As his OBP marks indicate, Markakis walks at a fairly strong clip. He’s never posted a walk rate lower than 7.9 percent in a season and is at 9.3 percent for his career (8.7 percent in 2014). He’s one of the toughest batters in baseball to strike out, as evidenced by a lifetime strikeout rate of 13 percent (11.8 percent in 2014).
I like what I see here. I would take Markakis. I also believe (and this is quite subjective) that Markakis wants to stay with the Orioles.
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If that was the actual choice, I'd sign Rios for 1/$8.5 mm over Markakis at 4/$48 mm. However, I think Markakis can be signed for cheaper than that, and Rios may well cost more.

I find it interesting that Rios, who has always been seen as a comp for Nick, was worth 7.4 rWAR at ages 31-33 (4.8, 2.0, 0.6). He's been more up-and-down than Nick over the years, but if we signed Nick to a three year deal and got 7.4 WAR from him, I think we'd be pleased with that.

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