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Rob Neyer: Cartwright


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So how did Cartwright get elected to the Hall of Fame in 1938. Largely through the efforts of his son Bruce and especially his grandson Bruce Jr., the latter of whom actually invented whole baseball-related passages for posthumous insertion into Cartwright?s Gold Rush diary, the original of which is actually ?devoid of any remark about baseball."
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Much of the early history of baseball is embellished or just made up. Baseball powers-that-be (or at least the powers-that-were) seemed exceptionally open to the flimsiest stories that made baseball into a wholly American, moral, upright, upstanding, and wonderful thing. I think we all know now that the Cooperstown genesis story was almost certainly fictional, that Abner Doubleday never once mentioned baseball in any of his well-cataloged writings.

But Alexander Cartwright was involved with the early game, at least as played by codifed rules and by adults. Even if his kids took some liberties with the stories. So he seems to be as good a representative of the pre-Civil War game in the Hall as anyone.

Also, not really forgiving anyone, but fact checking and the idea that your stories had to 100% check out is a relatively new thing. Especially in sports. I think you'd read books and newspaper articles from even 30, 40, 50 years ago about baseball that essentially take legend and third-hand rumors as hard fact. Some of that was just a lack of sources, this was decades before the internet. Even basic stats were hard or impossible to come by for the voters in the early years of the Hall. It was 1969 before the first real, comprehensive Baseball Encyclopedia with league leaders and career totals was published.

Also, Baseball in the Garden of Eden is wonderful, and John Thorn is a treasure.

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    • Are you looking for an infield fly runner's interference?  Because as far as I know, it's been 12 years since this exact situation was called.  This is the play that caused the rule to be changed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJu3RL8CV_8   They let the runner bat again and called the 1st base runner out in this case, and then in the offseason clarified the rule to say that both the runner and the batter are out.  But in this case the runner's interference was fairly substantial direct contact.   If you're talking about runners interference in general, on this play Kieboom didn't touch the runner and it was called runner's interference.   https://www.mlb.com/video/yadier-molina-grounds-into-a-force-out-fielded-by-shortstop-carter-kieboom-marcell-ozuna-out-at-3rd-jose-martinez-to-2nd-yadier-molina-to-1st?q=5%2F1%2F2019 stl vs was&cp=CMS_FIRST&qt=FREETEXT&p=3   The outcome of the play shouldn't really matter.  If you commit a face mask in football, and the guy whose face mask you grabbed gets a sack-fumble and recovers, you still get the ball and you get 15 yards.
    • The ball isn't dead when the IF fly rule is called. The batter's just out.  That's it.  The runners can advance after the ball touches the fielder or the ground and it's fair... so it's still important to control the baseball in that situation, and why you still can't interfere with a fielder making a play on an IF-fly-ruled pop-up. 
    • Mike Baumann is so many things but solid isn’t one of them. He’ll be playing independent ball next year
    • It at least explains why he was pitching poorly.  This isn't a surgery that you can't come back from depending on how bad the back is.  
    • Unless he got a super slow jump on it, but that's not what it looked like with the naked eye.
    • I would love to see an example of the rule being applied in a comparable situation.
    • Eh, Baumann just got to face more batters per inning given all the walks and hits he gave up.  Wells had K% of 25% vs. 22.3% for Bauman.  His ERA, FIP, xFIP, and SIERA were all better than Baumann.
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