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April 28/August 25, Orioles at White Sox


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How much of the walks is a regression of his past performances vs. the weather conditions

I think weather conditions and the plate umpire are contributing. Cabrera is never going to be a guy who doesn't walk anybody anyway. I don't mind if he walks a few.

Wow, Markakis was really slowed down by the wet grass going after that one. I hope nobody gets hurt in this game. I kind of hope we can finish this inning and then have the rain get a little harder and get it called.

And as I say that about injuries Luis and Luke collide. They seem to be laughing about it though.

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75 through 5 innings, 40 of them for strikes. He's already thrown more balls thanhe did in 95 pitches his last time out.

Eh that's alright its cold and wet out, he may not be getting a good handle on it, plus a small strike zone.

But 75 is fine, that's an average of 15 pitches an innings, which I think is normal

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    • Povich #4 behind a couple of obvious ones and ahead of some notables. https://pitcherlist.com/the-stash-list-week-4-top-10-pitching-prospects-to-stash-in-2024/
    • It's semantics obviously.  I agree that questioning if he's ready is fair.  I think saying anything definitively after 32 PA is not. He did hit one yesterday right on the screws in a big spot.  If that ball goes 2-3 feet in either direction the conversation today is probably a little different.  He looked bad against the lefty reliever, but I expect him to look bad against pretty much all lefty relievers at this point in his career.  
    • https://pitcherlist.com/the-stash-list-week-4-top-10-hitting-prospects-to-stash-in-2024/ I debated about where to post this because it's relevant in a few discussions.  But landed here because HK is tops.  Mayo and Norby make appearances as well. Caveat emptor as it's a fantasy list...
    • My original post on the subject was simply that we need more Ks out of him and that I don’t think it will be an issue. That said, if he continues to be a low K rate guy with league average missed bat rates (which he won’t), that means he’s not likely to be an elite, CY level starter.  Doesn’t mean he can’t be good but there’s a difference between good and elite. Going back to what you said in response to what I said, I’m not judging him off of these starts. I’m not saying this is who he is or will be going forward. Just saying that if this becomes a trend, he won’t be as effective as we hope he will be.
    • If you are still arguing with anyone now it was over 10 pages ago. SG and baltfan were arguing like they were on polar opposites sides, then realized they both thought he should be given 1-2 weeks. Within the first three days the main questions were whether he should be married at age 20 and whether the parents should keep going to the games.
    • Interesting that he said he was focused on just executing each pitch instead of maximizing velocity.    “Just continuing focusing on my process," Irvin said. "Executing where pitches need to be ... just keeping the thought process simple. I've gotten really caught up in velocity and trying to do all that and today I was just like, throw all that out the door. Just execute as many pitches in a row as I could. "I wasn't trying to dial it back. I was just like, whatever I have today is whatever I have today. It's all about this pitch and being able to execute. Just was one pitch at a time, man. I really had a simple approach." https://www.masnsports.com/blog/irvin-and-bullpen-combine-on-shutout-cowser-has-more-fountain-fun  
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