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Cabrera ejected...

The Wedge

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I think Buck may have to watch some of the things he says because of his XM gig.

I don't think XM has anything to do with it.

Buck has lots of stupid things to say about stuff that doesn't matter (most of which is wrong)

Yet he has nothing to say about anything that's important.

Because, unlike Palmer, he just doesn't know what matters and what doesn't.

Plus, he's way too involved with his hair ;-)

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Until these umps get there egos in check, I cannot take anything they do seriously. What a joke. They are not bigger than the game.

The proof is in the pudding because AROD did not think anything of it.

Complete bull.

Trembley looks like he could go toe to toe with some gators right about now.....

Don't mess with Kirk

<img src=http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3126/2715649410_f276017497.jpg?v=0></img>

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Shouldn't have been that hard. That ejection totally gave them a momentum shift.

Yeah, I know I sound like a broken record. But that was one of the worst umpiring decisions I have seen in a while. Just uncalled for.....but its in the past. We won!!!!!!!!!

And as Gary Thorne would say "We have Seeerrrfffate" going tomorrow for the sweep.

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