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Return #1 - the $25mm AAV matches the Fangraphs crowdsourced guess - gut reaction is Nola leaned on years.

I heard Britt on an Athletic podcast saying Ohtani could get done by or at Winter Meetings.

He's enough of a standout Plan A for a bunch of teams that except for stuff like Nola/PHI, Kershaw/LAD, if I was a top free agent without a meaningful long term relationship I probably wouldn't close until I knew how the Clubs who "miss" Ohtani are bidding for me.

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2 hours ago, Sports Guy said:

Holy sh!t!!!!!!!!


Well Dave Dombrowski is gonna do Dave Dombrowski kinda things.  He probably feels he got a bargain since he was the GM in Boston 8 years ago who signed David Price to a 7 year $217m contract. 

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I have some friends and family that are Phillies fans.

They are celebrating this.

It’s interesting to think about it that way. No one cares that it’s too many years or too much money.  Just that he stayed.

I don’t want to see the Os piss away money whether they can do or not….but there’s also something to be said about your team doing whatever it takes to win and not caring about consequences that you can navigate around long term..if you have ownership willing to navigate them.

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