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SSS vs. Pattern

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    • True, although to be honest I am all ready to trade both. Particularly Kjerstad. Bat only players just don't do much for me.
    • Every year, it seems there are new stats driven by improved technologies...bat speed, exit velo, angle of elevation, etc Let's talk spin rate....and I'll use two examples....2400 vs 2200. That is a pretty big difference. Those are revolutions per minute as I understand it. 2400/60 = 40 spins/second... 2200/60 = 36.7 spins per second It takes about .4 seconds for the ball to reach the plate. So, 2400 equates to 40 spins/second to 16 spins/.4 sec 2200 equates to 36.7/sec to 14.7 spins/.4 sec That's a difference 1.3 revolutions for a 200 difference in spin rate. Do 1.3 revolutions make that much difference? Look at a knuckle ball, basically 0 revolutions/minute and the movement it gets. Spin rates/minutes are impressive. Spin rates .4 seconds, not so much. I am an old school believer in location, location, location along with changing speeds. Educate me.    
    • 11 months if you include the off season and just pretend August didn’t happen.  He was awful in July had a very nice August and was slightly bad in September.  This year he was  god awful in March/April in 45 at bats.   May has been ok decent average but no power and he never has walked much.  The loss of power and hard hit ball numbers are a concerning but it has still been about 1 month of at bats.  
    • Well that's not great.  I mean, kicking grounders in the outfield is...I don't wanna say Little League, but it's just not good.  
    • Baumann has pitched once for the Marines and walked 2 of the 4 batters he faced. What makes you think he wouldn't be part of the problem still? 
    • Yes, I think we’re on the same page. I wouldn’t mind at all extending Henderson and Westburg. I think it’s too early for some guys, and way too late for others.  But Gunny & Westy should remain on stage for the foreseeable future. And Burnes is going to be too expensive, so make the offer, take the pick, and move on. For me, though, and I said this more than once, the issue isn’t spending money in free agency it’s making wise and meaningful trades, and utilizing the assets we have.
    • I think Soto’s body type may lend itself to a longer productive period than some of the heavier, big body types.  But who knows?
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