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Poll- Would You Make This Trade?


Would You Make This Trade, Sherrill, Andino, Markakis for Hanley Ramirez  

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  1. 1. Would You Make This Trade, Sherrill, Andino, Markakis for Hanley Ramirez

    • I wuld in a heartbeat if the Marlins would go for it, which I doubt
    • I think the Marlins would want more but it would be a steal
    • No, way Ramirez isn't that good
    • The Marlins wouldn't do it for Markakis they would want Jones

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in saying "no way, ramirez isn't that good", i do not at all mean that ramirez isn't good. clearly he is good. i just would not like to see the o's making this kind of deal, at this time, i like what i have seen from andino so far, and i love kakes. as with sherrill i dont think he would be part of a deal where we give up multiple players, we should probably move him to get a couple of prospects.

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I think I would. Both are great players in their own rights, but stats don't lie. Look at shortstops in the MLB and Rightfielders in the MLB.

Since PEDS have been removed from the game, shortstop has become a position in which production has sharply declined. You could make a case that Izturis was arguably the second-best SS in the AL before he got hurt. Hanley is one of the 10 best players in the league, and while Nick wouldn't be easy to replace, guys like Reimold could step in and fill decently, something that can't be said about SS. I like Andino, but he's no where near Hanley.

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this is a terrible poll. Leave out hte bias so that we can make our case

Don't say "they would want jones" you just leave it as "florida wouldnt do the trade"

Ever think they simple WOULDNT TRADE HIM? Hes one of the best (top 3) players in the league...

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I assume they might want Jones instead of Markakis because Jones is cheaper? Either way I'd do the trade because we've got five outfielders who even in a DH league can't all play at once. You trade from strength to fill your weaknesses. Long term the O's are weak at two positions: SS and 3B. Hanley Ramirez fills one of those spots gloriously, and even dealing Nick we're losing less than we gain.

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I wish you made the poll a simple yes or no. The first two options are essentially the same, and the last two aren't effectively differentiated.

Either way, I'd do it, but your player mix is broken. They'd probably want younger guys than Sherrill, and they'd want starters.

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