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Steve Trachsel Traded


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This is a great trade, IMO.

Who even cares if we get MiL back?! We got rid of the salary for this year AND next year and we open up spots for Liz, Olson, etc...

This is a clear move towards rebuilding, we need more like it!

5-4-3-2-1 for davearm to bring us back to reality.......;):)

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This is great news! Scott Moore was one of the two guys a few of us were talking about a month or two ago as solid top 10 prospects from the Cubs we should be going after. I can't believe we managed to grab him and dump Trax's salary at the same time. I'm psyched about this.

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When I saw the headline, I was hoping Moore was the guy we got.

Last year in May, BA did a comparison between Moore and Jamie D'Antona of the Diamondbacks.

Some relevant parts of that piece:

"Well, they're similar in that they strike out a bunch, and they don't really have much speed or agility at all. They're also similar in that they have power in each of their bats, but in terms of consistency in their approach--and I'm not talking on stats over the course of a season, but just in how they approach things over the course of a game--varies greatly from at-bat to at-bat.

"I think Moore is closer to getting to where he needs to be in terms of consistency each time he comes to the plate--he's not trying to hit home runs all the time like he did two years ago in the Florida State League or even last year. He's using the whole field a lot better than he ever has, and taking more pitches--you can see him progressing in game situations."

"Defensively, it's pretty much a wash. I like how much Moore has progressed around the bag and with his reactions, but they're both average or a tick below at best. D'Antona's arm probably grades out a little higher than Moore's, but he doesn't have the athleticism or the footwork and agility it takes to play the position"

More Info. from BA when the 2006 season ended:

Matt from Houston asks:

Okay, Scott Moore led the league in homers, posted a respectable OBP, voted the league's best defensive 3B and wasn't too old for the league, but wasn't top 20? He's better than Eric Patterson.


Chris Kline: Moore was in the 21-23 range--despite being voted the league's top defender at third, reports were that his footwork and mechanics were still in need of major work. He had a great year, but needs to be more consistent in his approach--his pitch recognition isn't the greatest and still K's too much. For me, Patterson and Mississippi infielder Yunel Escobar were both ahead of him.

And one more bit of info. from BA, as he was the Cub's #7 prospect heading into the year:

Moore's power grades as a 55 on the 20-80 scouting scale and plays to all fields. After leading the high Class A Florida State League in errors the previous two years, he was much steadier in 2006 and managers rated him the best defensive third baseman in the Double-A Southern League. He has average speed and runs the bases well.

Until he cuts down on his swing and his strikeouts, Moore won't hit for a high average. He's not as pull-crazy as he used to be, but he'll still chase breaking balls. Most of his errors still come on throws, though he has improved his accuracy and footwork.

He saw time at first base, left field and even shortstop in the Arizona Fall League, and will move around the diamond this year in Triple-A. He has the ceiling of a lefthanded David Bell

He has continued his development nicely in AAA. Good trade on our part.

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How ironic that he goes to the Cubs....Dave has been saying that no one would really be interested in him and that he has no value.

Yeah... don't forget, you were leading the charge lambasting the FO for not trading him at the dealine for a bucket of balls... or cutting him and sucking up the $$$ after the deadline passed... I hope you give the FO some credit for being a little patient and seeing the value in giving Trachsel a chance to right his ship.... he did, and we did get something for him... what the value is I have no idea. The 3B doesn't look bad for being at AAA at 24 years of age.

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Glad for Trachsel. Maybe he can experience a WS. Or has he been on a team that went to the WS before?

Trax has only been to the playoffs once, with the 2006 Mets. He made it to the NLCS. EDIT: Correction, he has only pitched in the playoffs that year. He went to the 1998 NLDS with the Cubs but did not pitch.

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