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Carl Crawford reaches agreement with Boston (7yr 142mm)


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Well, the Red Sox just completely solidified their offense for the next 5-6 years.

Crawford - Ellsbury are going to be a nightmare on the basepaths. with the OBP of Youk behind them and AGon hitting clean-up...

Well, they're a good team regardless. Here's a question: how much better is Crawford + AGon vs. Beltre + VMart?

Aah, nevermind, this is ridiculous. I hate the Red Sox.

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I think it's probably a good thing we didn't get too involved in free agency this offseason. The market has been absolutely insane. Remember when Jason Bay's contract seemed like an albatross?

Probably. We'll say it again next year too. So no worries.

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I don't get this deal from the Red Sox's perspective. A lot of Crawford's value is in his great defense, and assuming he's going to be playing LF, his value in this regard is vastly negated by the field for half of his games.

As a hitter, he's very good, but not great: his 0.851 OPS this year was his career high, and his OPS for his career is 50 points behind Nick Markakis.

Obviously, if you have a huge budget, and overpaying on this contract doesn't move the needle for you financially, then it's justifiable, as it improves the team. But, in any case, I don't think you're getting good value for the money. And I can't imagine why the Red Sox would value him higher than any other team that doesn't play half its games at Fenway Park and the Green Monster.

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