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3rd Round - Mike Wright - RHP - East Carolina University

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I think your expectations are too high for a third round pick.

2010- Klein

2009-Givens (2) Townsend

2008- Avery (2) Hoes

None of the above players are a sure thing to make any impact on a ML roster. The one that has the best chance is Klein who was a reliever in college.

I am not sure what you think is available with the O's budget 94 picks in.

I'm saying you draft for upside, not for "best chance to make any impact on a ML roster."

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If we drafted the next Gregg Olson, would you be happy?

Ironically, I think the biggest knock against Olson was that he'd never started, so he never learned how to pitch. All he knew how to do was to try to make a perfect pitch every time. His stuff was good enough for that approach to work for a while, but as soon as it slipped a little due to injury or age, he had a hard time being effective.

Olson still had 5 very good seasons as a closer at the beginnning of his career, though, so if you could draft a guy like that, you'd probably take it.

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