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Dylan Bundy Thread


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He's been told not to use it.

However, if he did just go ahead and use it anyway, I wonder what the consequences would be ??? Does Dan Duquette have half a dozen armed guards charge out to the pitcher's mound with their guns cocked at Bundy's chest and scream, "Hey !!! Don't use the cutter, or else !!!" :laughlol:

I am sure that a MLB team has no tools at it's disposal to make life unpleasant for minor league employees that choose not to follow direction.

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I think his overall performance should give Jim Palmer and all of the people who think he could be pitching for the O's this summer (especially as a starter) some pause for thought. There is some question if he'll be ready for Bowie this summer. He's hardly dominating High A ball.
Im not concerned. He's 19. Im guessing he gets better.

That's not the issue. Of course he'll get better. But if he's not dominating at Frederick, then what on Earth would make anybody think it would be good for him or the team if Bundy was called up this September? It has to be one of the stupidest ideas I have heard kicked around here. Heck, Matusz, Arrieta and Britton were all better at Frederick than Bundy has been, and I didn't hear anyone suggesting they should get called up.

Arrieta - 2.87 ERA, 9.56 K/9 at Frederick

Britton - 2.70 ERA, 8.42 K/9 at Frederick

Matusz - 2.16 ERA, 10.12 K/9 at Frederick*

Bundy - 3.58 ERA, 9.37 K/9 at Frederick.

* Matusz earned a promotion to Bowie, posted a 1.55 ERA with an 8.94 K/9 there, and then did get promoted to Baltimore in August. Obviously, he was dominating at Frederick to a much larger degree than Bundy, and he then dominated at Bowie. It was still somewhat of a surprise that he got called to Baltimore, mostly out of necessity due to a series of injuries to other players.

Now, if Bundy goes 5 more starts in July and pulls his ERA under 3.00, then goes to Bowie and posts a sub-3.00 ERA there, we can talk about whether it would make sense to bring him to Baltimore in September. Personally, I still think it would be stupid even then, considering how many innings Bundy will have thrown at age 19. But we're not even at the point where the issue could be seriously discussed, because Bundy is a 19-year old kid just trying to figure out how to get Carolina League players out, and having only sporadic success at it so far. He is several steps away from being ready to do anything useful in the majors.

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I am sure that a MLB team has no tools at it's disposal to make life unpleasant for minor league employees that choose not to follow direction.

Dylan Bundy in the 7th grade in 2005, having a conversation with his friends on "being bad."

KID # 1: "I stoles a Snickers bar from the supermarket when nobody was looking."

KID # 2: "I glued all my teacher's pages together."

KID # 1: "I pulled a fire alarm during social studies class when I went to the bathroom."

BUNDY: "I used a split-finger fastball against the Wildcats last night when my Little League coach told me only to use the 2-seamer and the 4-seamer."

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I made it up to Frederick and saw Bundy for the first time tonight. So impressed. My untrained eye has never seen a more effortless 94.

The two hits and the one run came in the 4th. He was otherwise completely dominant. Such precise location with the curve is just unfair in A-ball. Most of those 8 K's were embarrassing to the hitters. Just silly stuff. The kid is worth the hype, and I'm looking forward to catching him in Bowie before the season's over. He's starting to get the hang of the Carolina League, it appears.

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    • The problem with a Cowser/Kjerstad/Stowers/Bradfield outfield roster is there are no right handers to handle LHP. I don't think and completely left handed outfield is the destination for an organization the values versatility.
    • Looks maybe concussion related. 
    • How can you not be romantic about baseball? This seems slightly poetic. I enjoyed reading, and correlated your experience in the stands back to what I watch in Game 1 on MASN.  It was also pretty cool to hear Jim Palmer give you a shout out in Game 2 of the series on Live TV.
    • I am not worried.  It just doesn’t remotely meet the eye test.  He has been great in the field . I can think of at least 3 outstanding plays he has made and not any that I thought he should have gotten but didn’t. Meanwhile Holliday is 3 OAA and I can’t think of an outstanding play and can think of a number I thought he should have made. 
    • Nicely stated Roy. Every since I was 9 years old and saw the O's vs. the Tokyo Giants in Tokyo in 1971, I've been infected with the Orange/Black virus. There is no cure and I don't want one. You and I sat at the lunch table with Jim Palmer at the 1970 World Series Champs reunion, and its still one of my enduring baseball memories. You said I looked like Carlton Fisk! I was at all 3 games in this Angels series, right behind the O's dugout. I got to see all our boys, and just simply love to watch this team play. And in true baseball fashion, the one game on paper we should have dominated (GRod vs. 8+ ERA Channing), we end up down 7-0 and lose. But watching Gunnar's homers, his electric triple, and he made a fantastic play today on a ball that went under Westburg's glove, Adley do Adley things, Cowser, holy crap. Kimbrel v. Trout with bases loaded, bottom of 9th, 2 outs, down by 2? That was fun. Next game Trout bats leadoff and torches a GRod fastball for a homer to the opposite field.  An observation.... If you didn't know anything about the team, and you only watched game 1 batting practice, you'd think Cowser and O'Hearn were the studs of the team. Mountcastle was taking BP with the reserves and he put on a show as well.  Home after 3 straight days watching this O's team, so jealous of the Balt fans in Balt that get to see the team with regularity. It's a special bunch.
    • emmett16 is right. Uppercut swings produce a lot of groundouts because the bat is not on the same plane as the ball for very long. The best swing stays on the same plane as the ball for a longer time. This will produce contact that creates backspin on the ball which makes it carry. That Ted Williams book is one of the best hitting books ever written.
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