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O's are raking it in


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Winning sells? Really???? Sports Business 101.

The bandwagoners came out in full force this winter...NICE! Now if the team is average or below by like June or so where will they be?!

Who cares as long as the season ticket plans got sold! :P

Pretty much correct. I think the O's will maintain or slightly surpass last year's attendance even if the team has a poor year, due to increased season ticket sales. But if they really want to build on last year's increase in a significant way, they need to contend again.

It was so much fun going to games where there were 30-40,000 enthused fans in the ballpark late in the year....I'd love to have that feeling at games in the earlier parts of the season in 2013.

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Another sign that season tickets will be way up this year:

There may not be many new faces at the Orioles' FanFest on Jan. 19, but all of the autograph vouchers sold out today in less than an hour.

This is the first time since the Orioles implemented this format that vouchers sold out on the first day.

One of my Twitters followers wrote that they sold out in approximately 40 minutes and the Manny Machado vouchers were gone in five minutes.

Tickets still remain for FanFest, to be held at the Baltimore Convention Center on Jan. 19, but they're apparently going fast.

"The response from fans today has been overwhelming," said Greg Bader, the Orioles' director of communications.

"In addition to the quick sellout of autograph vouchers, FanFest ticket sales are also running well ahead of previous seasons. We're thrilled to see our fans are as excited about 2013 as we are."


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Winning sells? Really???? Sports Business 101.

The bandwagoners came out in full force this winter...NICE!

Now if the team is average or below by like June or so, where will they be?!

Worrying 101. Cross that bridge if and when it happens.

For the time being, I'm enjoying the Orioles' climb back to respectability with an excellent manager and a young team. And if they are selling a lot of Orioles merchandise as a result of that, I'm happy about that too, regardless of who is buying the stuff.

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    • Nah no sarcasm.  How about just for this year thoughts?  So you can throw age and control out the window. Fedde reminds me a lot of Bradish. Just without the extra 2-3 mph on the 4FB.  I agree with the point that Fedde is probably more of a regular season option and ALDS type SP while Skubal would give us a huge advantage every round against the elite of the elite.  Skubal seems a lot like what the Mariners hoped to have bought in Bedard all those years ago. 
    • I think the depth is an issue here because we really don’t get the top top Latin players each year. We’re doing better down there, but teams like the Yankees, and Dodgers, consistently get top 3-5 classes. We’re just getting up to average-ish range.  The draft is only 50% of the amateur talent grab. Maybe even only 40% considering it’s only 20 rounds now. 
    • I have and I’ve seen highlights. I don’t watch a lot of non AL East baseball. Outside of having a prop bet on Skubal to win the CYA. Just wondering what people thought. Not just trying to get a response to criticize.  Plus, do we really know that Fedde is even cheaper than Skubal?  Their GM has demanded a lot before. @Moose Milligan do you think Skubal is that much better than Fedde for just the rest of this season?  So that way we take out the extra year of club control.  
    • Look at their respective Statcasts and tell me what you see. 
    • I’m sure this has some hint of sarcasm to it. Because the answer to this question seems rather obvious. 1) Look at the age of the two pitchers. (27 v 31) 2) Fedde has NEVER been good before this year.  3) Look at Skubal’s Ks, Ks per nine, ERA not just this season but last year. It’s absolutely elite. 4) Fedde is a pitch to contact kind of guy, even in this his lone good season. Does that strategy really work/could it dominate in the postseason when you are facing the elite of the elite? Maybe against a team like SEA? But against NY, HOU, PHIL, LAD? Probably not. 5) We need a pitcher who is good enough to be successful over the course of multiple rounds, not just the opening round/one particular matchup. 6) Look at the difference in stuff. 7) Skubal is left handed. That has an advantage when pitching in parks like Camden Yards and Yankee Stadium.
    • Sell me on why Tarik Skubal is so much better than Erick Fedde.   
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