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Tonight I have lost all hope.


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In baseball, you can come back from crushing defeats the very next day.

In basketball you can do that sometimes, but you also have to wait 3 or 4 days sometimes, also.

In football, you have to wait a week, sometimes 2 weeks (bye weeks.)

If we win today, I'll be happy.

If we lose, I'll be unhappy ....... until Friday night, when we beat the Rockies.

Well said, and agree totally.

Losing sucks, but damn, not the end of the world. :)

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Congratulations. This is definitely the most pathetic post I have ever read on Orioles Hangout. It is also the worst thread OP.


This is gross.

Sack up or at least write something worthy of a thread OP and worthy of your veteran OH status. Whiny sadsack three sentence nothing-post. Boo this man.

Really I think your posts about me being a racist because I don't like the way Strop wears his hat are much worse. I guess eye of a beholder.

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From one side of your mouth you recognize the Orioles didn't do much last offseason. Then from the other side, you hold out hope that the Orioles would take on big salary by trading for Lee-Utley-Young and now Dunn, or by trying to sign Abreu. One of these things is not like the other. The Orioles are not going to spend their way out of the current situation no matter how many times you propose they do.

I agree, but it's what they should do because they can. I was asked what I would do- that's what I would do.

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Cut Jim Johnson. Seriously. He blew it last year for us and he has hurt us immensely this year. He sucks.

Obviously that banana throwing incident has gotten to Adam Jones' head. He swung at some balls today that was just baffling. Is he ever going to develop a batting eye?

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