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Dylan Bundy on D/L again


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Haha, the quote in the headline (bold portion) is a bit misleading without context...

Bundy said his elbow feels good, which is the most important component of his season.

"I'm definitely thankful for that," he said. "If I'm done for the year, I'm happy. My elbow is fine this year. I slowly but surely got my velo back up, so I'm happy with that. And I'm happy with my fastball command and the command of all my other pitches toward the end of my starts at Frederick.

"It's just unfortunate that I had to end my season, if it's the end of my season, with a lat injury like that."

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What? Why? Is there a list somewhere of physical activities where it's ok to get injured, and others where it's not?

Nobody said it was Ok or not Ok except you. Only that it was unusual to injure yourself running a less than full effort wind sprint at age 21. But it happens...rarely. I doubt that many teams would have their pitchers running sprints before EVERY game if it were happening with any regularity at all.

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