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The Orioles have claimed OF Alex Hassan off waivers from Oakland.


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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>The Orioles have claimed OF Alex Hassan off waivers from Oakland.</p>— Baltimore Orioles (@Orioles) <a href="

">November 20, 2014</a></blockquote>

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"Print the playoff tickets"

Some useful info:

In another of a series of minor moves and waiver claims this offseason, the A's have taken Alex Hassan, 26, off of waivers from the Red Sox.

Hassan, a former 20th round pick, is a Duke alumnus and has been in the Red Sox organization since 2009. He hits right-handed and mostly plays right field, and in 114 games in AAA this year he hit .287/.378/.426 with 8 HRs. Obviously not a ton of power there, but the OBP skills are very promising.

Interestingly, he hit .328/.409/.492 off of lefties in AAA this year. The A's struggled with hitting left-handed pitching in 2014, so Hassan could find a niche as a platoon 1B/COF option at the major league level.

He received a September callup this year for his MLB debut, and went 1-9 with a walk.

For all you amateur scouts out there, here's a video of his first MLB hit this September

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Wow...great OBP numbers in the minors. I wonder how he is defensively? I'm down with OBP...yeah you know me.

Alex Hassan claimed from the Athletics after he became exposed after they claimed him from the Red Sox. .282/.387/.411 lifetime minor leagues. at AAA last year. The As were ahead of us in the claim order. They tried to get him off their 40 man and we got him.

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Considering we actually have printed the playoff tickets in 2 of the last 3 years, maybe it's time to retire this chestnut.

It's a joke:)

But hey-maybe you should start a thread for every major league baseball player that starts with "Should the O's trade for..."

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85% of Markakis for 5% of the cost.

C'mon now... this is a guy who's going to be 27 next year. He has 9 MLB PAs. He's played one season in his life where he got on the field more than 115 games. He has Nick's ISO, as a 26-year-old in AAA. I have no idea if he can field, but I'll guess if he was a GG candidate he wouldn't have 9 MLB PAs at 26.

It's strange how Markakis has fallen to the point where folks are suggesting AAA journeymen waiver claims could step in and do his job with little or no falloff.

My take is that he might get a shot in the spring at being Lough's or De Aza's platoon partner at 5% the cost of Markakis.

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