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Birdland Summer Six Pack

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Summers in Birdland are not complete without watching the O's play at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The season is starting to heat up! Don't miss the chance to support your hometown team and show your Birdland pride.

With the Birdland Summer 6-Pack, choose any six remaining home games and save up to 20% off the cost of individual game prices.

This is your chance to help fill the park with Orioles fans and secure tickets to some of our popular giveaway dates, so don't delay! Click the button below to choose the six games and locations you want for your Birdland 6-Pack.


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    • That research makes me wonder if a Club's typical number of 5-4-3 double plays could get as high as 50-60.    I think those pivots get counted as chances and shortstops don't get similar ones except 3-6-3's, of which I believe Ryan Mountcastle has about two in his career. B-Ref shows about 115 grounded double plays/team last year, so 50's probably a too high guess.    Its probably more like 80-85 up the middle, 30-35 around the horn.
    • I believe Westburg will be a good but light version of a Bergman type player. Want to see Mayo play at the MLB level before making his comparison 
    • I think this is probably right, but I’m interested to see if he’s able to minimize some of his flaws this year.  He seemed to be making some progress in the second half last year, though it could have just been a prolonged hot streak.  Jury’s still out a little IMO.    As mentioned, I also think Westburg has a lot more in the tank than he showed during his decent major league debut.   
    • Would that have to do with the elimination of the shift? In 2022 and prior, you’d have SS and 3B getting chances on the right side.
    • It matters if you think there is a significant upside gap between Westburg and Mayo. I agree if you feel good about Westburg as an everyday player the pressure on Mayo's glove is less.     Clay Davenport's six-year forecasts basically envision Mayo as a 3-win player and Westburg as a 2-win player. Somewhere around that range is a tipping point where Sigbots gain inner peace letting a player play 155 games.     I think Mayo might be that, and Westburg isn't.
    • The old adage is you take someone at the more important position and if you have to, move them down the spectrum.  If you draft a 2B (ie Norby) down the spectrum could be LF or DH.  I’ve read some reports on Termarr Johnson where there are some doubts on his future at 2B. Holliday was drafted as a SS.  Maybe he could even be okay or better there but we have the luxury of moving him down the spectrum.  
    • Everyone's time is limited. I think Mayo and Westburg are more likely to be members of the 2026 club but I'd rather not rush to move Mayo off third.
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