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8/11/08- Orioles vs Indians


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It is just sad that every hangouter knows this, yet no one in the O's dugout knows it tonight

Trembley gave up apparently after that botched bottom of the 7th...

And here comes Bierd after pitching a ton yesterday. This should be good...

This game is exhibit A why Sarfate should not be starting. Bergesen would probably at least get you to the 6th inning.

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My cat that I just put on diet food because she's getting chubby could play a better SS than Cintron.

You know what? You're right, Alex Cintron sucks. He's really stinky.

But at least he's not a "staple" of this team.

Ramon Hernandez IS.

Melvin Mora IS.

Jay Payton IS.

These three make the dumbest mistakes time and time and time again, I'm just so sick and tired of watching them play. I know we don't really have a younger option at third base who's any good, but I would be ELATED to watch Costanzo or Moore out there every night. I would be ECSTATIC to see Nolan Reimold in left field and whoever in centerfield, Roberson or Tike Redman would be fine if Montanez couldn't handle it. And obviously Wieters behind the plate. There is no way on Earth or any other planet that Wieters could be worse than Ramon Hernandez. There is simply no way in hell.

So tired of watching fundamental mistakes from our "veterans."

Same sht, different year.

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And the inning comes to an end and Bierd gets out of the inning without giving up a run...

He's in the running with Castillo for "Best Oriole relief pitcher performance of the night." Walker and Cherry juuuuuust missed the cut...

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