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8/11/08- Orioles vs Indians


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You know what? You're right, Alex Cintron sucks. He's really stinky.

But at least he's not a "staple" of this team.

Ramon Hernandez IS.

Melvin Mora IS.

Jay Payton IS.These three make the dumbest mistakes time and time and time again, I'm just so sick and tired of watching them play. I know we don't really have a younger option at third base who's any good, but I would be ELATED to watch Costanzo or Moore out there every night. I would be ECSTATIC to see Nolan Reimold in left field and whoever in centerfield, Roberson or Tike Redman would be fine if Montanez couldn't handle it. And obviously Wieters behind the plate. There is no way on Earth or any other planet that Wieters could be worse than Ramon Hernandez. There is simply no way in hell.

So tired of watching fundamental mistakes from our "veterans."

Same sht, different year.

I missed the early part of the game. What bonehead plays did Payton make? Mora failed to make what would have been a web gem if he had been able to turn two. I don't see what his mistake is.
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I missed the early part of the game. What bonehead plays did Payton make? Mora failed to make what would have been a web gem if he had been able to turn two. I don't see what his mistake is.

I'm not referring to this particular game. I'm referring to the countless times Payton has watched the guy in front of him walk, then come up and swing at the first pitch... the countless times I've seen him allow an extra base because he missed a cutoff man, etc....

And Melvin Mora could have probably been left off the list, but he's just another veteran who isn't part of the future of this team.

I'm just highly pissed off after watching that ridiculous play. Melvin, apologies. You shouldn't have been included in that rant ;)

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    • Rojas is a similar player but how is a the "perfect comp" when he's a FA in 2024 and Mateo isn't a FA until 2026?    Also, Mateo had a 3.4 RWAR compared to 2.5 for Rojas.    Is the player the Marlins got from the Dodgers in his FA year, a decent prospect? Ranked Los Angeles Dodgers #10 prospect in-season in 2022 BA Grade: 50/High Track Record: Amaya grew up in suburban Los Angeles and is the grandson of former Brooklyn Dodgers prospect Frank Amaya. The Dodgers kept the connection going when they drafted the younger Amaya in the 11th round in 2017 and signed him for an above-slot $247,500. Amaya quickly established himself as the best defensive shortstop in the Dodgers system, but longstanding questions about his bat only increased after he hit .216/.303/.343 at Double-A Tulsa in 2021. Scouting Report: Amaya is a gifted defensive shortstop with elite instincts for the position. He is always in the right place, secures every ball with his soft, reliable hands and makes every throw with his plus, accurate arm. He's not the rangiest or flashiest defender, but he makes every play and is elite at nuances such as tags and relays. Amaya's bat is further behind. He previously demonstrated elite-strike zone discipline but tried to hit for power in 2021 and started chasing and overswinging. He's an undersized hitter who is best when he drives singles the other way with a short, direct stroke. The Future: Amaya's defense gives him a chance to stick as a utilityman. He'll try to make the necessary offensive adjustments in 2022. Scouting Grades: Hitting: 50. Power: 40. Speed: 50. Fielding: 60. Arm: 60.   So the Marlins got the #10 prospect in a very good system for one year of Miguel Rojas but Jorge Mateo who is younger with 3 years of service time and just had a better overall season than Rojas has every had, can't get back a significant prospect?    Really?
    • I like this. Better than signing Wacha or Greinke because you have him for four years if he pitches well. Giving up Hernaiz doesn't impact the system much.  We can complain that the upper tier FAs would have been better (they would have and we should have gotten one) but in isolation this is a strong move.
    • At some point we really have to wonder about a 6-man rotation.  Or if they'll piggyback some guys.  Crowded isn't the right word.  Maybe congested?  Phlegmy?   Not sure who said it on the thread, but it could end up in the A's favor years from now.  But I like it in the moment for what it is.  It does add ML level depth.  It deals from MI depth.  It reallocated profits toward an org weakness getting Virbitsky.   If things break right with Grayson/Kremer/Bradish, then Irvin's 4 years of team control "should" mean no Lyles/Gibson-types next year.  
    • I don't mind this trade, but Eovaldi at 2 years $34M was not an overpay.  I am still annoyed that the Orioles did not sign him for that or a similar amount).
    • I dunno... I kind of like it.  He would have had the second lowest WHIP among our starters last year by .03 points.  He would have led the team in innings pitched and he has a career WHIP of 1.2 over 400 innings.  And, he averaged 6 innings per start last year.  I like the idea of a guy who can eat innings, keep the game close, and doesn't cost a lot.  You can never have too much pitching.  We can always trade him if the youngsters come through.  
    • His career minor league ERA was 3.05.  Never doubt Roll Tide’s ability to just make stuff up. 
    • I have a question for you. More value… Hernaiz or a the draft picks we would’ve lost to sign a QO SP?
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