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Elias on Jayson Stark's Starkville podcast

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He did a 40-minute interview with Jayson Stark and Doug Glanville yesterday starting around the 11-minute mark.


2002-2003 winter, new to me was the story he sold tickets for the Phillies while he was rehabbing his shoulder surgery (his down year as NCAA pitcher was year 3 of 5)....AJ Preller had that job too, though it wasn't clear to me if they were contemporary wooing Philadelphians with the allure of the new Citizens Bank ballpark.    He also shared spring 2003 while missing what would have been his junior year he worked with Tom House, who for me has notable throwing philosophies.     No idea here whether Elias loved or hated them.

On the I believe coming extinction of infield positional versatility, he mentioned how positional flexibility comes with some cost, and some of the game is also being thoughtful not to confuse young players with too much creativity.     

I will hope for Mayo-Gunnar-Holliday to run even with Bregman-Pena-Altuve at games started at their positions this season!

Jayson Stark and Doug Glanville did a really nice job.

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