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5/17 - O's at KC Royals - Koji for the rubber?


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How many games has AJ been out? When did he last play?

Hunter and Buck talking about BRob swiping lots of bases the last several days, talking about him "getting hot", but didn't say a single word about the big change in who's hitting #2 behind him...

Yeah, I pointed this out earlier in the thread. He now has 4 of his 9 steals since Jones has been out. He went out in the second TB game earlier in the week. So this is the 4th straight game he's been out.

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Yea he is. 6-22 the past week. Yuck:rolleyestf:

I don't care what he's hitting... those who are down on Cesar this year have quickly forgotten the quality of our SS defense since Bordick. Even Miggy wasn't this talented

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