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Erbe leaves with injury (UPDATED)


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Brandon Erbe is headed to the clubhouse alongside athletic trainer Joe Benge with a 3-2 count to the first batter in the top of the third. It could be a right ankle injury as Erbe was favoring it as the infield and coaching staff converged on the mound. He was walking gingerly to the clubhouse.

Zach Clark is now on the mound for Bowie.


Erbe will wear a boot on his right foot for approximately 24 hours before removing it sometime Monday. Erbe anticipates making his next start while pitching coach Larry McCall hopes to know more tomorrow.

"It was my right ankle," said Erbe. "I just landed a little a funny on it and twisted. I probably could’ve stayed in but I didn’t. Especially with my first time back, I didn’t want to try and change everything and end up doing something wrong. My arm felt great which is the positive part. It was the best I’ve felt in a while. "

There will be more in my game story with added quotes in the Tracker later tonight. Of course, I'll check in on the injury again when I get to the park tomorrow.

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What kind of velocity did he have?

His fastball sat mostly 88-90 and touched 91 once or twice. It was also very straight and it looked like he was having some trouble locating it. His slider looked good and he threw it often, and the change was a nice 12mph less than the fastball. After the first when it looked like he was having trouble with the fastball he started pitching backwards a little, with one batter seeing SL, CH, FB 90mph for strike 3.

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Is it safe to say this is the worst day of the season for the O's pitching prospects? Erbe got injured, Arietta got beat up on, and Matusz and Tillman both had sub-par showings at the All-Star game.

Ah....this game, baseball......

It can be quite humbling.....

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