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Sept 1st O's vs. The Yanks


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I missed that. I wonder what was said.

I'm not a good enough lip reader... looked like Swisher was crying to the ump about the 3rd strike call, and Alberts said something to him as he walked by, presumably giving him crap about crying about the call... then Swisher said something back at Albers...

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I hate Nick Swisher with every fiber of my being. The Yankees getting him was so shrewd it kills me. He absolutely kills us.

And as much as jTrea is straight up wrong sometimes, I have to back him up on the Chris Ray thing. Every. Damn. Time. You can't be a successful reliever in the AL East if you can't pitch to the Yankees. That being said, he's not looking as good as he was a couple weeks ago. Maybe that injury is cropping back up.

Did I mention I hate Nick Swisher? Most arrogant little troll in the game.

I do not love THAT nick either:angryfire:

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