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I will say the defense looked pretty good tonight, so hopefully things have been "tightened up."

I should just let this thread die, but I'll try to be to the point, brief, logical, and non-confrontational:

- An excellent defensive team will have games, especially early in the spring, where they make multiple errors.

- A poor defensive team will have any number of games during the year where they make no errors and play fundamentally sound baseball.

- Dramatic shifts in defensive ability and focus from major league players are not observable on a day-to-day basis, nor could you attribute any such swings to coaching input.

So, there's no possible way anyone could change the way a team plays fundamental defense in one day, and even if you could there's no way of telling that from accounts of a couple of spring training games.

There is no basis for attributing the defensive outcomes of the last two games to anything but the number of reps early in the year, the abilities of the players, and random variation.

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I agree with SG. I want Trembley to have a great year and prove to the naysayers. His attitude and outlook on the team and game is exactly what anyone would want to see in a manager. He is honest, straightforward, an excellent communicator, professional and above all he treats everyone with respect and dignity.

He needs to put all those things in practice. Having a wonderful mind is one thing, but now he needs to apply it and show results.

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It's cool how it can be clearly open season on some posters. Is there a list somewhere of them so we won't be sanctioned if we somehow stumble and do it to the wrong "expert"?

I want that list too. . people nit pick at every small opening they can get with certain posters. Can't pick the wrong one though

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Guest rochester
This thread has been a pleasure to read. Trea makes direct and specific comments about Bell, and Trembley's lack of "bringing down the hammer" but then says we are all twisting his words. Arch enemies Shack and SG and all the rest combine to point out the flaws in Trea's comments, and yet he still tries (unsuccessfully) to defend himself. And then Shack defines very specifically why some posters are allowed to be criticized (within board rules, of course). That post from Shack should be stickied somewhere and referenced about once a week when needed, like a footnote or something! :laughlol:

But seriously, this thread, while causing me to :bangwall: has also given me great enjoyment for the last half hour! :clap3:

I agree Dip - could have been a bit more condensed though - it would have been a perfect 10 minute read. A lot of redundancy...

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What I am saying is Bell may know that he has to work hard to get to the majors. But he is the most attractive option at 3B for the Orioles after this season, and they did trade one of their most valuable commodities to get him.

So in the back of his mind, there might be some complacency there IMO.

The team has talked him up, so he might have started to buy into his hype a little. I'm not saying he has, but if that's the case, this is the time to stop that.

You are blowing things out of proportion. Bell is a 23 year old kid getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and is only a step away from the majors. It's hardly shocking to think he might have a bit of an ego or might be a little complacent given his hype by the team.

I know we like to idealize Oriole ballplayers, especially prospects, but these guys are still human.

You are over-exaggerating again.

I am not saying Bell is a slack off, but he's a 23 year old professional ballplayer who has money in the bank and a ton of hype by his club. To think there is absolutely no shred of ego, or no sense of entitlement at all in this kid's mind is pretty naive IMO.

Bell is not getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and he probably couldn't afford to keep much of his money in the bank. He received a signing bonus of $212,000 in 2005 (source). As a player who is entering his first year at 'AAA', he could be making as low as $2150 per month plus expenses just for the six month season. I don't know how being a member of the 40-man roster may impact that, but I would still think it's safe to say he'll make less than $40,000 in 2010 if he doesn't get to the majors.

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