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Coolbaugh family voted playoff share


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Besides their surprising 14-1 finish to the season, the Colorado Rockies are giving baseball fans far and wide another reason to cheer for them this postseason.

The widow of Rockies' Double-A coach Mike Coolbaugh, who died after getting hit by a line drive earlier this season, was voted a playoff share by the team.

Rockies manager Clint Hurdle said the gesture spoke volumes about the quality of the character in their locker room.

"I was passed on the information that they voted Amanda Coolbaugh a share, a full share, which I found speaks to their awareness, speaks to their passion, speaks to every good thing about them," Hurdle said.

Amanda Coolbaugh, who is 32 and pregnant, won't attend Saturday's Game 3 of the NLDS between the Phillies and Rockies at Coors Field. But her two sons, Joseph, 5, and Jacob, 3, will be in attendance and will throw out the first pitch.

"When I heard about what the players did, I almost cried," Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd said. "This was the players' idea. I think it's remarkable."


If the Rockies win the WS, a share would be worth between $220,000- $330,000. If the Rockies win the NLCS, a share could be worth up to $200,000. If the Rockies win the NLDS, a share could be worth up to $100,000.

They mentioned this on the TBS broadcast and this is especially impactful because a lot of the players are homegrown and came up in the system together so this really hit home for them.

This is such a wonderful idea.!

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I'm really upset that they're playing the Phillies in the first round. For one thing, because it looks like they're going to beat them. For another thing, if this was any other year, I'd be the biggest Rockies fan on the East Coast right now. This just adds to that. Very nice story.

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    • I think you can get Benintendi on 2-3 year deal. Cowser hit .219 in AAA so you don’t need to rush him. Assume he’s at least a year away.By that time you can figure out if Stowers is anymore than a fringe major league player. If you have surplus then you can deal 1. We have power in Adley, Gunnar, Santander, etc.  Ill keep saying that you guys are falling in the same old trap. Making plans about every prospect coming up , immediately making a impact, etc. The farm system is much improved no doubt. But, expecting to hit on a high percentage of these guys isn’t realistic.
    • Perhaps …but I’m saying they should    I’m saying we should go all in on OBP. I think with Correa and Benintendi. Dumping guys like Odor , Aguilar, Hays, Mountcastle etc you immediately go from near the bottom to the top. With the right pitcher to lead the way you go to or near the top in runs and drastically improve the run differential 
    • They can afford any one free agent that they want and still have a bottom 3rd payroll. 
    • Yes easily.  You basically posted it above too except sign Abreu instead.  Your response to wildcard has Westburg (who has power pitcher would be careful around) posting a .350 and Vavra (who has little power concerns pitchers might attack) posting a .340.     Benintendi and Abreu with $10-15m of what would have gone to Correa now going to a pitcher instead.     Mullins CF Benintendi LF Adley C Abreu DH - .350-.360 Gunnar SS Westburg 3B Santander RF Mountcastle 1B - .305 (with a stronger SLG than Vavra)  Or trade Mounty (with Mateo/Urias and Hays for an SP+) and Abreu at 1B with Stowers/Cowser/Santander at DH or RF. Ortiz/Norby 2B - .340 (even if Ortiz was a hot streak, Norby hit tool and plate discipline has a long track record) Plus money toward a better SP!  All with the same budget you’re working with signing Correa and Beni. For the record - I completely agree the OBP is a key metric we should focus on (and started a thread a while back saying so).  And I’m not advocating for or opposed to Benintendi or Abreu.  Just pointing out that improving OBP can be done in a way that doesn’t block organizational prospect strength at such a high cost while addressing other needs (like 1B depth and TOR).
    • The FO should do their best to figure out if Mullins is the strict platoon player he presented as in 2022 or the guy who can hit both righties and lefties that we saw in 2021. If they conclude that he is more of the platoon guy from this year, then we should do our best to cash in on him now.
    • I didn’t say he is a 2, but if the team thinks is defense and speed regress, and over a 5 year he’s more like a 2WAR and platoon where you cut 1/4 of his ABs because that’s your plan, then you trade him at peak value like he’s a 4-5 WAR player now.   if you think he’s a 4-5WAR Player though I believe you keep him at least until he’s a UFA. I also think he’s a 3.5+ player who can improve so I advocate keeping him and signing FA SP
    • I am very opposed to signing Rodon due to his chronic throwing arm issues, but I agree. If we are not willing to shop from the top shelf now, when our window is opening, the clock on Adley is ticking, and the payroll is microscopic, then I doubt we ever will. That said, Roch may just be speculating for content.
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