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Orioles Hangout Top 10 Prospects: #7 - Brandon Snyder - C/1B/3B


Who's #7 on the Orioles Hangout Top 10 Prospects List?  

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  1. 1. Who's #7 on the Orioles Hangout Top 10 Prospects List?

    • Brandon Snyder
    • Brandon Erbe
    • David Hernandez
    • Nolan Reimold
    • Jacob Arrieta

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It's that time of year, folks! Through talks with various scouts in and outside the Orioles organization, minor league operations executives, minor league coaches and managers, and the players themselves the Orioles Hangout staff has come up with the top 30 prospects in the organization.

Over the next two weeks we'll be releasing our Top 10 Orioles Organizational Prospects List.

Here's the list so far:

10. Zach Britton - LHP

9. Pedro Beato - RHP

8. Garrett Olson - LHP

7. ???????

Chime in with who you think is going to be #7 on the list in our poll.

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Wow, I can't believe this!! I voted for Hernandez @ 10, then 9, then 8, and now I'm going to vote for him for the 7th spot. I really truly believe Hernandez should be in the Top 10 and being at No. 7, if that happens has to be because of his last 2 games of the year where he truly dominated hitters. As for everyone's favorite pick in Arrieta, I don't believe he is justified in being in the Top 10, at least not yet. I know he is having a great AFL campaign but I'm not falling for it, yet. My reason is as follows, I believe that he is fresher then the hitters, you have to understand that the hitters have been swinging the bats since March and they have to be a little tired, while Arrieta is stronger. I'm going to hold judgement on him until next year when he starts fresh, along with the hitters. Then if he continues on as he is doing in the AFL then he have my vote for the Top 10!!

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On May 1st, Erbe's sixth start for the Keys caused quite a buzz. The 19-yr-old threw six hitless innings against the Wilmington Blue Rocks (Braves), lowering his ERA to 2.86. A gem in his next start on May 6th lowered his ERA to 2.57.

At that point, he had gone six or more innings in five of seven starts and had allowed two or fewer runs in each of those five.

Let's hope he returns fully to that form.

My vote for OH's pick for #7 is Brandon Erbe.

Without a set position, Snyder misses the Top 10. Without the prospect buzz, age, or the stuff of Erbe, Hernandez misses the Top 10. (although he seems to be causing quite a buzz on OH; good for him!) Without many other position players to consider, Reimold is ahead of #7. Without any pro experience, Arrieta misses the Top 10.

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I agree with TAKEBACKOPACY on his entire analysis and reading TonyOH's remarks (particularly on Arrieta and Snyder. So, my pick is Erbe at #7. Though I didn't post before, I did pick Britton and Beato for #10 and #9, and Hernandez for #7. I felt like most others that Olson was higher because of his dominance in AAA and that his uncharacteristic wildness in ML will not be repeated.

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It can't be Hernandez. There's too much better talent.

I went with Arrieta... Tony said he was grudgingly included and I can't imagine he'd be much higher.

Yes he said he would be included in the prospect list, not that he would be in the Top 10.

Here is his explanation to Sports Guy who thought the same.


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Uhm, still, Snyder, Erbe and Reimold are all better prospects than Hernandez.

Thats just your opinion and already OH's crew have thrown a few curve balls at us on the 3 selection alreadty:002_sbiggrin: so I wouldn't be susprise if Hernandez is at the 7th spot!! But if he isn't then Im really susprise he wasn't selected for the 8th, 9th or 10th spot. And if you went with Arrieta, then which of the 3 (Synder, Erbe, Reimold) didn't make it. Because if Hernandez sits at the 7th spot, I can guarantee it's the same guy. I'm sure it isn't Reimold. . . .

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