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vs. WHITE SOX 8/29


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Wow. I couldn't be less impressed with saunders.

He's got nothing. None of his breaking pitches are sharp' date=' his fastball is dogmeat and he can't locate.[/quote']

As usual, you don't know what you're talking about.

Go ahead and call me a Saunders apologist now.

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As was pointed out, Hardy didn't help out by not applying the tag on Wise, and booting a probable DP ball.

Heck, slide for it and make sure you get the out at 1st. It's Konerko, so he had plenty of time.

Just because he's been terrific this year doesn't excuse that play. He handled it almost as poorly as it could have been handled. It ended up costing the team two runs.

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You bring over a guy with a 4.22 ERA and 1.36 WHIP in the NL West. What did you expect?

We expected the projected brilliance of a 26 year old Dylan Bundy, of course. ;)

Just kidding. Right now he's just looking like a warm body to fill in a hole so we don't have to double up starters or bring up someone who really has no business starting a game right now, like Matusz, Arrieta, or Ayala.

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Sucks that this will bring out all the Saunders haters after 1 inning of work.

It will also probably bring out some posters that just coincidentally like to chime in most when we are getting our asses kicked, too.

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    • 'On September 18 [1977]...the Orioles had a "Thank Brooks Day." A crowd of 51,798 streamed into Memorial Stadium to honor him. It was, up to that time, the largest regular-season crowd in Baltimore history. For the game on the following day, the Orioles drew 3,325.' --Ira Berkow, It Happens Every Spring (Triumph Books, 2017) (Berkow was one of that generation of New York Times baseball columnists who regularly wrote with respect, insight, and humor about the great Orioles teams.)
    • He'll never take being in the majors seriously now.
    • No one has mentioned the Orioles inability to hit pitchers who sit 89-92.  I hope they get only high velocity guys. 
    • I was talking about the lease negotiations dragging on for years. The interest rates and the cost to the taxpayers would have been alot cheaper if he extended back then. They are not going anywhere. Might have probably been a different story if the legislation would not have passed a bill for 1.2  billion  in stadium improvements.  But probably would have given the team something. 
    • I don’t think that’s a significant sample to impact decision making. He has also generally DH’d against LHP and, outside of last season, has been stronger against LHP in his professional and college career.  It’s more likely driven by that then by any potential benefits from DHing.  In fact, IIRC research suggests that there’s a “penalty” to DHing and over sufficient samples players generally hit better when they play in the field.  The choice is basically McCann vs. Mullins against LHP. McCann may be a better hitter against LHP, but the difference in defense by playing Hicks in CF instead of Mullins is dramatic. Starting McCann also creates a headache when you inevitably want to pinch hit for him later. You need to then put in Adley and lose the DH, and hope that Adley doesn’t suffer any injury that would require he leave the game.  Altogether I’d be surprised to see McCann starting in a playoff game, but it’s not out of the question.
    • I think it’s been overlooked how good and deep the Orioles’ left handed relievers are. Most teams with good bullpens generally will have one lefty out there on the level of Coulombe, Perez and Hall, and at most two. Even the great Orioles bullpens of past years didn’t have 3 quality lefty relievers like this. That’s a huge strength.  Pair that with the strength of the Orioles’ righty starters and the Orioles are really well situated for any matchup.
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