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Pettitte closing in on 1 year $11M deal with Yanks


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I've read some reports saying that Mo will likely sign soon too.

Good grief, how much longer will Pettitte (age 41 season in 2013), Rivera (43), and Jeter (39) continue to produce at such high levels? Will this 'finally' be the year of regression?

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    • Loosely counting the Mets-Braves loser in this, deGrom-Fried alongside Alcantara-Burnes is quite a pair of Friday night matchups. MIL has worked Burnes harder this year - 14 starts on 4-days rest, 14 on 5-days, and 3 other YTD. Last year only 2 of his 28 starts were on 4 days rest. Brandon Woodruff turns on 4 days rest, 7 out of 26 this year, a smaller increase above last year's 2 out of 30.
    • I don't think we saw Hall at his best.  That may seem obvious but he was said to occasionally hit triple digits as a starter and I think I saw him mostly topping out at 97 (maybe 98) as a reliever.    I'm not trading Hall unless I'm getting a young starter back.  I mentioned Nick Lodolo months ago so that's the type of arm I'd package Hall and others for.    I still think the best option is just to sign a very good starter in FA and hold onto the prospects a bit longer.    I can still see Stowers, Cowser, Westburg, Ortiz, and Norby all being part of next year's team at some point.    I could see one of Westburg/Ortiz/Norby going in a deal but that might not be until next July.
    • I think he was cash poor and was hoping for a sale of the Orioles to cash in.   Instead his mother and brother are holding out on selling till Peter is dead.   I think Lou is trying to force their hands.  
    • For what it's worth, I don't think anything less than a package around Holliday will get it done.   Are we in a 'win now' mode?  If this is the only goal, I can see a trade with a Holliday package. Or a 'build a perennial contender' mode?  If this is the bigger goal (and it's been stated), then no way the O's trade with a Holliday package.  We will be stacking talent at the bottom of the conveyer belt for the foreseeable future.  Not trading away top tier talent before it gets to the MLB. Anything in a tier below is likely part of the discussion.  Hall and Mayo get dicey for me because I'm a sucker for controllable upside.  But Hall is a better fit trading pitching for pitching.  Brewers made out pretty well on the Hader trade, so maybe they'll consider a package around Hall.
    • I second what Pickles said! To take the pitching angle further, and to paraphrase JR on managing the total number of innings, I'll elaborate. Lyles, or his replacement needs to cover 175 innings. Kremer and Bradish are in the 120 inning range now so plus 50 gets them there (assuming health, etc.). That's 3 rotation spots. Grayson would be lucky under ME's arm protective inclinations (CoC can have fun with that one), to get 100 MLB innings in 2023. Similarly, Wells is at 100 and seems to have run out of gas.  Then we have Voth and Watkins around 75 (sorry for rounding I was an engineer and I do math in my head). Voth is a mystery to me but  Watkins is a multi-inning BP guy, his control needs to be perfect to work. While Wells has been effective starting, due to workload he may be better suited to relief. For 2023 (only), why not pair GR and T. Wells with Akin and Voth; starter gets 3-4 innings, tandem gets 2-3 innings. Roles can reverse every other start to manage innings. All 4 end up in the 75-100 inning range. Means coming back mid-year lets you trade someone not named GR. The remaining 6 roster positions are Bautista, Perez, Tate, Baker, potentially Watkins, plus another arm. I can hope for a Lopez DFA/non-tender or for ME to find a Pop-like arm. Nearly everyone wants a TOR, I refuse to believe JA will sign that check until he does, but I do't want to go there or discuss how much $$ SHOULD be available. Why doesn't (or can't) a tandem approach work for 2023 with the arms we have now???
    • He has nothing to explain at all because he has already given a clear explanation of the trades. Whether you agree with his thinking or not, he has fully explained himself. 
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