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O's Acquire Brandon Wood


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Is this a typo for former Angels top prospect Brandon Wood or is this a different guy? And can we move him to 2B?

I would assume so. There is no Brandon Woods listed at Baseball Reference and Brandon Wood is most definitely playing mostly 3B at AAA Omaha.

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And can we move him to 2B?

In the minors he'd played 604 games at SS, 214 at 3B, 23 at 1B, 22 at 2B, and 8 in LF. Hasn't really played SS in any significant capacity since he was 24 in 2009. So...maybe? His bat sure disappeared after 2009 in AAA though.

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I remember when this guy was supposed to be the next big thing and everyone on the Orioles Scout board was clamouring for him.

I wonder why he never reached his potential...

Should we get him a hat that fits?

The PCL is a huge hitters league but he made it there by age 20 playing shortstop. He at 22 and 23 he sported 970 and 910 OPS there while playing mostly shortstop (although I remember there being questions regarding his ability to stay there). He certainly was an interesting target but man did he falter in the bigs and never really got back.

Totally a depth signing though. And probably not a bad one. He should help Norfolk out this year.

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