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Which overslot picks of the O's should they push to sign?

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Here's my rough order:

Robert Tyler (RHP, GA HS)

Danny Ayers (LHP, IN HS)

Tyler Walsh (SS, IN HS)

Layne Bruner (LHP, WA HS)

Levi Scott (1B, TX JC)

Reid Reilly (RHP, Cal Poly)

Tyler and Ayers are probably unreasonable and getting more than one or two of the others is unlikely, unless Scott and/or Reilly decides they'll sign for 100K or less. They probably would have signed earlier if that was the case, though. But Bray just signed as I was typing this so who knows?

Most likely event is they'll either give Dosch a bit more than slot and hang on to the rest or sign Reilly and nobody else. Maybe Walsh. Don't get your hopes up for Tyler/Ayers/Bruner.

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