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Season Ticket Prices Going Up


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I don't get this either. National TV revenues are up $25 million per team, we've cut bait with some "expensive" talent, and we've had a lackluster offseason so far. I just don't see it. Having just moved back to the area, I had been looking forward to buying a partial season package. So far I'm not seeing any reason to. And.. let's make it more expensive?

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Their PR department must have been dropped on their head at birth.

You just missed out on Feldman, Nate McLouth, Jacoby Ellsbury, Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, etc. You just traded your 100 save closer over the last 2 seasons for a bag of baseballs. You've done nothing but sign relievers and depth/AAAA players. You just freed up $10 million from Brian Roberts, another $10 million from Jim Johnson. You just received $25 million from the national MLB TV deal.

And you decide in the midst of ALL of this...to make an announcement that you're upping season ticket prices?

Beyond dumb.

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