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If you are an Orioles pitcher don't cough, sneeze or bent over


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If a muscle hurts don't rub it.

The O's have 13 pitchers on the roster with Dan and Buck trying to get to 12. Lough is projected to come off the DL on Saturday. If the O's can find a way to put a pitcher on the DL they will.

Personally, I don't see the O's DFAing another pitcher. They have already eaten a little over 2M of Webb's contract and that was out of character for them. Asking them to eat more is not likely to happen.

Its either a trade, DL or an option. Trades are tough right now because every other GM wants to squeeze the O's in their overstocked situation. If I was Gausman I would be a little twitchy. They may not send him down for long but the O's management have to be considering it.

So what ever you do O's pitchers, stay out of the training room.

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