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We need 3 catchers on this roster


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What is your thought? Bring Clevenger up to DH and catch with

Joseph and Wieters, there all hitting and playing good ball.Leave

Davis in the outfield he's capable.What do you think?

1. Do you think Clevenger would be a better left-handed DH than Paredes?

2. He'll be up in September.

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I think Clevenger would be a better play at 1B then Flaherty. Clevenger is just not very good vs LHP. We face a LHP on Monday 8/11. I expect Lake to go down after that. We then have a 5 game stretch until we face another LHP. We could go with an extra BP arm or bring up Clevenger in that stretch. Then on 8/17 call up Walker/Mancini for a day to face Brooks LHP, then send them down right after the game. The rest of August we may only face 2 more LH Starters, just looking ahead. I would not mind a lineup like this starting on 8/12

vs RHP

Machado R 3B

Parra L LF

Jones R CF

Davis L RF

Weiters S C

Parades S DH

Schoop R 2B

Clevenger S 1B

Hardy R SS

Rotate MW/Joseph at C and give MW some AB's at 1B. But see where that lineup gets you. And if we need a RH bat for a day we can just option Flaherty or play with a short pen one game.

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