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Defense of ARod: "He's not that smart"


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I guess so. But my first reaction, if I was one of those witch-hunted players, would be to wonder "How come they dropped the hammer on me but these other guys are getting a free pass?".

Oh, that's an easy one!

If you're a marginal player, and they have anything that looks like solid evidence on you, they're going to drop the house on you. (See the oddly large numbers of Latin MiL pitchers who got caught juicing.)

If you're a big star, and you act like a giant penis, and you're chasing a sacred baseball record, and they have solid evidence on you...ka-boom!

If you're a big star, a bit needy and kind of creepy, but you're not currently chasing a major record, and the evidence on you is coming from a source MLB wishes would go away...you get a pass...for now.

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