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Report: Orioles interested in Padres Andrew Cashner


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Shields isn't worth his contract.

No way I give up Bundy ++ just so I can acquire an albatross.

If the Padres manage to find a sucker for Shields they will have to eat money to get anything more than a warm body.

San Diego only paid 10 million for his 0.2 WAR season. It's a poison pill deal as well. They will never trade him. Even with the escalation of pitching prices.

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After looking at his home-road splits, even for his good years in '13-'14, he's going to be a 4.00 to 4.50 ERA pitcher in Camden Yards, probably like what Ubaldo Jimenez/Kevin Gausman gave us last year. I think the woeful defense in San Diego hurt Cashner in 2015.

Would rather spend the money on Latos (again provided his knee is ok), but there is a bargain price for which I go get Cashner. I don't think he's any worse than Ian Kennedy and he somehow got 5 yr, $70 mil.

I'm ok with it as a bargain price but if that was the case, he would have been dealt by now.

Preller is trying to get "hey look this is a former top prospect" type value for him which would be major overpay. The guy never learned how to pitch despite his arm. He's got the stuff, but he can't pitch and he's mentally weak so IMO he would get destroyed in AL east.

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Wow... I'm not in on this Cashner guy at all... Padres are reportedly open to trading James Shields. If we're willing to give up Bundy along with several other players, then we might be able to get him.

Why get another mediocre pitcher in Cashner when we could potentially get Shields for three years.

It depends on the cost to the O's. Shields will be expensive. IMO

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Cashner isn't likely to net a QO. At the deadline he is either worthless (due to a bad season) or could be traded for a lower level prospect who won't be helping his team for the playoff run. Seems to me it's a dangerous game SD is playing. This is their last opportunity to get near MLB talent for him. I feel like if you put together two of the near ready MLB players the Orioles have that SD should take it. Alvarez, Walker, Wright, Wilson, Lee, Drake, etc.

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I can't wait to see the headline, "Orioles Paredes Cash Trade"

In July of 1987, the NY Daily News' back page headline read:

"Cash Better Than Czech"

Pat Cash had just defeated Ivan Lendl in the finals of that year's Wimbledon Open.

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    • That's good.  Will give him something to do while he heals.
    • Huh? He's on pace to start under 100 games at Catcher.
    • Keith Law has him going late 1st round and doesn’t sound like a fan.   26. New York Yankees: Christian Moore, 2B, Tennessee Moore has probably performed his way into the first round, even though the underlying tools and instincts don’t support it. He’s hit 23 homers and has a .380/.446/.774 line (through Monday) as part of the Vols’ loaded lineup, where five hitters already have 15 or more homers. I could also see them on Ryan Waldschmidt or Jordan. Baseball America’s most recent mock had him going 19.  Some reservations about his defense. 19. Mets — Christian Moore, 2B, Tennessee Moore’s offensive consistency in his three years with Tennessee is impressive. He’s posted a 1.000 OPS or better in each season, has hit over .300 in each season and has managed double-digit homers in each season—with a career-best 28 homers in 2024. He did that while cutting his strikeout rate from 24-25% to 14.5%. There are real questions with how much he’ll be able to pick it at second base. Still, he has one of the more proven bats in the class and is getting tons of top-20 buzz.
    • I know we as fans put extra weight on this Yankee series but the pitching matchups tell you it's not of much if any extra importance to either club. Both are locks for the playoffs, playing an extra two or three games in a wild card series is not going to matter much. You have to win in the playoffs regardless. 
    • I believe it's his non-bowling hand.
    • Do we really need Adley to play Catcher every game ?  What’s wrong with putting McCann at catcher ?  Is it because he can’t hit like Adley can ?  I would split Adley between catcher and DH , so we don’t wear him down 
    • Cowser needs PAs & experience.  He’s a stud.  He needs to play everyday with an occasional rest day. 
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