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What is the minimum outcome of the 2016 Orioles season would you be satisfied with?


What's the minimum you'd be satisfied with?  

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  1. 1. What's the minimum you'd be satisfied with?

    • Winning or .500 season
    • Wild card game loss
    • WC game win and ALDS loss
    • Division Win and ALDS loss
    • ALCS appearance and loss
    • WS appearance

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World Series. You should never be satisfied with not winning it all.

Of course, the goal should always be WS trophy.

Realistically, at least for me, after 14 years of hell with sorry baseball.

Above .500 baseball and meaningful games in August/September is always better than the alternative.

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Building a team that can be in the race is all you can realistically ask for. AFter that a lot depends on luck and other variables you can't really control.

With that said, I'd always enjoy to be in a "real" playoff series (i.e. not the WC game). That's where the fun really is.

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I am not sure what you mean by "satisfied". If they are in the hunt this time of year I think it is a good season. I put down wild card loss because I might be disappointed with their current record if they don't get at least that far.

But if you told me before the beginning of the season would you be satisfied with the Orioles season if they were two games out of division lead on August 23rd I would have said yes.

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A WC loss. If they make the playoffs, then I'm good. Sure, I want to see them hoist a WS trophy again in my lifetime that I can actually remember (I was 8 in 1983), and that is the ultimate goal. But I think it's more than reasonable to expect a team to compete year in and year out for the playoffs. As a Ravens fan, I've immensely enjoyed the last 15+ years of being a fan of the team. They're usually in playoff contention every year, and even though they've had some painful playoff losses, they've also brought home two Lombardi trophies.

I think the O's have done an exceptional job since 2012 in being the winningest team in baseball over the last 4-1/2 years. I'm hoping that they continue that trend and contend for the playoffs every year for the forseeable future, hopefully culminating at some point soon in a championship. As a fan, IMO, that's all you can really ask for.

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I am already satisfied we are playing meaningful baseball in August. I also look at the way the team has done it for the most part which makes it better then if they did it a certain way. If we had this same regard and the team was lead by Ubaldo and Gallardo, Wieters, and Hardy say I would not be as comfortable with the team in the future as what has led to this team being in the race. Machado had another great year and is an elite player, Schoop has improved and now looks like one of the young stars of the game. tilman has been very good and looks like last year was just an off year. Jones has looked lot more like 2014 then the guy in 2015 that was in steep decline. Then you have Dylan Bundy who has been healthy so far this season and looks like the guy at the top of the rotation we will need to keep our window open. In the minors the two key guys that we would need for next year either to start the year or mid season call-up were Mancini and Sisco. Mancini has been pretty impressive and has hit well enough that he should be able to fill a need in the lineup. Sisco has hit great again this year and from the reports has also improved in defense. I don't think he is going to be great behind the plate but sounds good enough to either be ready start of next year or a mid season call up.

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I was out of the country in 2012. I was in Texas in 2014. I was barely a teenager in 1996-97. I have never been able to truly experience Baltimore with the Orioles in the playoffs. To be able to watch a playoff game in a packed bar or even, if finances allow, inside the ballpark would be just incredible. That's all I want. Although I suppose a tiebreaker game or a meaningful Game 162 would do the trick as well.

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It's kind of irrational, but for me winning the WC game is important. I would not find making the wild card game and then losing it to be much more satisfying than simply missing the playoffs on the final weekend. But losing a five-game series to a division winner wouldn't bother me as much.

I did not go into 2016 expecting this team to go to the World Series, so I won't deem the season a failure if they fall short of the ultimate goal.

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