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That yearly, hypothetical, fun question...

Moose Milligan

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8 hours ago, Justinlstn said:

Based on the original post I'd like to have Palmer in his prime. The man had 10 shut outs in one season! I would probably prefer Mussina over Palmer. He's someone I grew up rooting for.

And part of me just died. ;)

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On 12/31/2016 at 8:20 PM, Moose Milligan said:

I think this gets asked every year on here.  Or maybe it was once a long time ago and the thread got bumped.  Anyway...

If you could take one of the Orioles 6 Hall of Famers in their prime and put them on the 2017 Orioles, who would you pick?

Your choices:

Frank Robinson, RF

Brooks Robinson, 3B

Cal Ripken, Jr, SS/3B.  Though I'm assuming if we're talking about these players respective primes here, he'd be limited to SS only but we can be flexible if someone would want to move Manny off 3B for some reason.

Eddie Murray, 1B

Jim Palmer, SP

Earl Weaver, Manager


I'm assuming this will come down to two specific players for most everyone here.  This is really hard for me, and as much of a gaping hole RF is and as much as we'd need someone with Frank's .400-ish on base percentage, I'd have to go with Palmer.  20 or so wins at the top of the rotation with a bunch of complete games to save a bullpen that's going to be taxed this year would be amazing to have and it'd transform the rotation. 

But I could easily change my mind tomorrow.  

What say you?


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